Joint Sealing

Typically, sealants are used to close small openings that are difficult to shut with other materials. Uses of sealants vary widely and sealants are used in many industries, for example, construction. They are particularly effective in keeping moisture in or out of the components in which they are used. They may also be used for smoothing or filleting. In short, sealants are often called upon to perform several of these functions at once.No matter what the application, a sealant has three basic functions.

It fills a gap between two or more substrates.

It forms a barrier through the physical properties of the sealant itself and by adhesion to the substrate.

It maintains sealing properties for the expected lifetime, service conditions and environments.

The sealant performs these functions by way of correct formulation to achieve specific application and performance properties, depending on the substrates and the relative movement of that substrate. The simplicity offered by TWS and the reliability of the range of sealants for all types of applications, makes TWS the clear choice.


Some of the areas of joints that we can seal:


Joint Sealing
- Bridges
- Carpark Decks
- Tilt-Panel
- Warehouse Floors
Expansion Joint Repair
- Replacement
- Sealing


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