Concrete Repair & Protection

Concrete is a very durable material which is used for most types of construction. The deterioration of concrete structures depends on its physical properties and the environment that it is subject too.


Protective and remedial systems may be applied to the concrete in a structure to protect it against the elements. Therefore the key to a repair system is the proper identification of the problem. Followed by an effective repair or remedial plan which ensures long-term serviceability and integrity of the structure.

The quality of workmanship by TWS throughout is vital in any repair process.


Areas we specialise in:


- Semi_Sacrificial
- Permanent Two-Pack
- Clear or Coloured

Concrete Restoration
- Spalling
- Crack Repair

Corrosion Management Prevention
- Concrete Treatment
- Crack Repair

Exterior Coatings
- Membranes
- Impregnating Sealers